Kawah Ratu Pool

When a beautiful nature combine with magnificent hot sping water it’s like you finding a heaven that you always dream off. Our Natural Hot Spring Water Pools in the resort is become our best offer to enjoy with your family .
Based on Laboratory test and Balneology analysis, Gracia’s hot spring water is pure from Nature and contains Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Sulphur, and Alumunium. Those minerals are known having benefits for human being. And Gracia’s hot spring water is ideal for swimming as the water temperature is not significantly different with Normal Body Temperature 36-39 C degree

Some Benefit of Swimming in Natural Hot Spring Water
May help detoxification process thru skin, relieve stress, can help symptom of eczema, reduce skin infection, help relieving symptom of common cold, better blood circulation, and also help in preventing insomnia
Mineral content in the hot spring water has positive effect to skins, and some reported also to help relieving those with syndrome of asthma , Rheumatic and stiffness in muscles.